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We have created rules in accord with bungad biluso's philosophy and values.

Please read and make sure you will comply with them before booking. Other guidelines and details will be discussed prior to contract signing.

1) The pool you have rented is exclusive for your use

However, other groups using other areas of the resort may be present during your stay


2) Excessive consumption of liquor and other intoxicating drinks are not allowed

The management has the right to confiscate excessive amounts of liquor and other intoxicating drinks brought inside the resort

3) Smoking inside the rooms and other enclosed areas is not allowed

We have designated cigarette butts disposable pots scattered inside the resort's outdoor areas. 

4) No food and drinks inside the pool area

We aim to keep our pool pure and


5) No videoke

We want to keep peace in

our neighborhood

6) Excessive noises are not allowed

Disruptive shouting, reveling, and music are not allowed

7) Horseplay and reckless acts are not allowed

Climbing and jumping off elevated areas, rough physical play, and daredevil stunts are not allowed

8) Activities that are injurious to others and of indecent conduct are not allowed

These activities include hazing and public acts of lewdness, among others

9) Same-day request for extension of stay is not allowed and excess number of persons will be charged

Duration of stay and guest headcount must be settled before the signing of contract

10) Children must always be accompanied by adults

There is no lifeguard in the resort

11) Pets are not allowed in the pool

But are welcome in the resort, as long as they are supervised and taken care of responsibly

12) Guests are liable for damages caused by negligence and blatant violation of rules

Guests will be charged according to the extent of damage and destruction done

13) Settle payments first

Payments must be settled at least a week before the booked date.

14) Always keep an eye on your valuables and belongings

The resort is not responsible for lost valuables and belongings. Expect our staff to do a room check before

you are allowed to leave.

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