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bungad biluso private resort is located in Silang, Cavite, the town before Tagaytay City. The harmonious mix of nature and man-made structure serves as a unique and relaxing backdrop for weddings, fellowship, gatherings, and events.

Couples who want to exchange vows with nature as their witness would find the place ideal for their wedding plans. Families and groups can share moments together by the pool, in the Entrada, or perhaps just by lying in the hammock while looking at the stars.

Maintaining a relaxing and wholesome atmosphere is of utmost importance. The resort staff plays active roles in keeping the resort clean and safe while guests are asked to strictly abide by the resort's rules and guidelines.


"We have chosen Bungad Biluso as our wedding venue. We are so grateful that we have discovered this hidden peaceful place in Silang and meet the owners, Sir Manny and co-owner Maam Hellen. They are very kind and considerate at all times... such a pleasant stay indeed!"


"Bungad Biluso is one of the best resorts in Cavite. Complete amenities, great staff, and the best security! You will just bring your family and enjoy! Thank you for the great experience and place!"


"My wife and I are missionaries in the Philippines and work with a Philippine based organization that needed a place to have two student retreats. I highly recommend this resort. It is clean, beautiful, and peaceful. The owners are polite and courteous.


Our groups needed a place with restrictions (like no drinking). This is a great place for retreats or pastors/families or churches. The layout with trees, flowers, stone walks/seats make for many private places to simply talk and enjoy.


Pools are delightful. Rooms are pleasant and many air conditioned. We brought/cooked our food and kept the place clean. They liked us; we liked them. The children loved it."

Everyday is an opportunity to spend time with the people you love. Come and create memories that will last a lifetime under the trees, on the rocks, and in

the water—at bungad biluso.

Thank you and have a beautiful day!

 Telephone: (046) 409 79 37 | Cellphone: 0915 754 6450 / 0950 728 7998 | 


1 Bungad Biluso, Brgy. Biluso, Silang , Cavite

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(046) 409 79 37

0915 754 6450 / 0950 728 7998 

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