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BUGTONG-BUGTONG: 10 Filipino Riddles to Test Your Wits (Part II)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Bugtong-bugtong Filipino Riddles

A riddle, or Bugtong in Filipino, is a statement or question that directly requires a concrete answer or presents a puzzle whose hidden meaning has to be deciphered. The oldest preserved riddle is from ancient Mesopotamia, where it was inscribed in a Sumerian clay tablet from Lagash (B.C. 2350). (Click here to read more on the history of riddles)

Here's the second batch of Filipino riddles for you to test your wits. You can check out the equally brain-twisting part I here.

Please don't Google ah! Answers are at the bottom of the page.

How many did you get right? Share this with your family and friends and be sure to use the hashtag #BuwanNgWika!


  1. Gunting

  2. Atis

  3. Papaya

  4. Kamiseta

  5. Kape

  6. Buwan

  7. Santol

  8. Paniki

  9. CoVid-19

  10. Face mask

Now that kape has been mentioned, we will open a coffee shop inside the resort very soon, so watch this space! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @bungadbiluso for updates!

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