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HELLO SUMMER! Balustre Pool is Now Officially Open!

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

There is yet another reason to look forward to a staycation at bungad biluso as the Balustre Pool is now ready for bookings and reservations this summer. The official opening and dedication was held last March 26, 2018, a Monday, followed by a simple salu-salo of home cooked Filipino dishes.

The owner with Nono the stone and pool expert in blue and Rey the master builder in stripes

The owner opened by talking about the inspiration behind the pool. He said that it was inspired by baluster (balustre in Tagalog), a decorative short pillar, found on the railings of the earlier-built Balustre Rooms of which the Balustre Pool is connected to. Balustre is also the local name of the vertical stones used on the waterfalls, a fact he only learned just a week before the pool's completion. He also thanked the people who supported and made the project possible, with special mentions of Nono the stone and pool expert and Rey the master builder.

Bro. Gerald of CCF Alabang lead staff, family, and friends in prayer

After the opening message from the owner, the mic was passed to Bro. Gerald of CCF Alabang for the dedication. For those not familiar with dedication in Christian context, it simply means giving "it" (in this case, the Balustre Pool) back to the Lord; letting go of ownership and embracing stewardship. He lead staff, family, and friends in prayer, and also took opportunity of this gathering to share the word of the Lord with them.

Once the dedication was done, it was time for the inaugural slide, bungad biluso's version of ribbon cutting for swimming pools. Everyone counted 3...2...1... and as we said ''GO'', Rommel, the designated ''ribbon cutter'', slid down the slide, slicing the rows of colored crepe papers with his praying hand gesture.

3... 2... 1... GO!


Ladies and gentlemen, Balustre Pool is now officially open!

We closed the day with a simple salu-salo at the Batis Patio. Prepared were Filipino staples such as adobo, daing na bangus, and pancit.

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